Secure voice and data communications

Features & Benefits

Encryption and decryption of analog and digital information for all levels of classification

The ELCRODAT4-2 (ED4-2) multimode encryption device is used for encrypting and decrypting analog and digital information. It is suitable for use in stationary and mobile communications systems (e.g. in shelters, wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as on board ships, aircraft, or motor vehicles).

The ELCRODAT4-2 transmits voice and data information. It operates in simplex, halfduplex or duplex mode depending on the selected operating mode and the transmission method. As a common item of supply, the ELCRODAT4-2 replaces the ELCRODAT 4-1 and 5-2, ELCROTEL 5 and ELCROBIT 3-1 and 3-2 legacy voice and data encryption devices; it is interoperable with these devices as well as with the corresponding ANDVT,_ KY57/58/99/100, KG84A, KG84C, BID950, BID1650, BID1750, and KIV7 NATO devices in various operating and traffic modes.